First Formula Car test for Stéphane

Monday and Tuesday Stéphane tested at Hockenheim for the first time in her career a Formula Car. It was a Formula ADAC Masters, which is a Dallara chassis with a 1.6 VW engine.

The conditions were perfect and the first day she ran on the short circuit to start learning the car. She took all the information given by the team and ran faultlessly. Learning lap by lap. After the first day she had managed a massive 317km!

The second day, again under beautiful conditions, was run on the GP circuit. Also there she tried to adapt to the car with it's higher speeds and therefor higher levels of downforce, learning and understanding the car better lap by lap.

Stéphane said: “It was an amazing experience and something I really liked and enjoyed! I learned a lot, it's a steep learning curve, but I relish the challenge and would love to compete in the ADAC Formula Masters Series.
I would like to thank KUG Motorsport that has given me this opportunity to drive this car!”