Peter together with Jos Menten, Dennis Retera, Maciej Dreszer and his daughter Stéphane won the 24hr race of Zolder last weekend in Belgium.

Former teammates of Peter Jos Menten en Dennis Retera were called in to complete the regular line up of Maciej Dreszer and Stéphane who share the BMW 235 I in the Belgium Championship.

Qualifying was wet and the team concentrate on giving everybody some track time and put the car on the second row for the start on Saturday.

Peter took the start and settled in 2nd position, after the 3 hour mark they took the lead to never give up anymore for the remainder of the race.

The car ran faultlessly and the team did a remarkable job during the pit stops servicing the car quick and efficient.

At the end they finished 5th overall and won as well as the BMW 235I Cup( which had the most participants and all cars finished!) also the general Touring Car class!

With still two races to go Stéphane Kox and Maciej Dreszer are leading the championship.